WHSmith Jobs for 13-Year-Olds: Opportunities and Benefits

As a 13-year-old, earning an income can be a great way to start financial independence and gain valuable work experience. However, finding suitable employment at such a young age is limited due to legal restrictions and safety concerns. WHSmith is one option that 13-year-olds can consider when looking for part-time employment. The company is a well-established UK brand that operates numerous retail stores throughout the country. As a company focused on providing high-quality customer service, WHSmith places a strong emphasis on hiring employees that are reliable, trustworthy, and have a strong work ethic. For 13-year-olds looking for work, WHSmith is a great option to get started in the world of work and gain valuable experience and skills.

WHSmith is a reputable company with over 225 years in the UK retail industry. The company employs over 14,000 people across various locations. WHSmith operates in several countries, including the UK, Australia, and the US. The company is committed to providing high-quality customer service and investing in employee development. WHSmith has won numerous awards for its work in the retail industry, including the Best Airport Retailer at the 2017 Travel Retail Awards. The company is actively involved in supporting and promoting literacy and runs several initiatives and campaigns to raise awareness and funds for reading and writing programs.

As a reputable company with a strong brand presence, WHSmith has a lot to offer 13-year-olds looking for part-time work.

How many employees does WHSmith have?

As of August 2021, WHSmith employs approximately 14,000 people across its global operations. The division of employees is as follows:

  • 5,800 employees work in Travel, which includes WHSmith stores located at airports, train stations, hospitals, and service stations.
  • 1,200 employees work in High Street, which includes WHSmith stores located on the UK and Ireland high streets.
  • 6,500 employees work in the Group’s other businesses, which include WHSmith’s Hospital Retail, Funky Pigeon, and Cult Pens.

Source: WHSmith Official Website.

Jobs Available at WHSmith for 13-Year-Olds

WHSmith offers several positions for 13-year-olds to gain valuable work experience, including:

Job Position Description Requirements
Sales Assistant Assist customers with their purchases, operate the till, replenish stock, and keep the store clean and organized. Strong communication skills, excellent customer service skills, attention to detail, and ability to work in a team.
Stockroom Assistant Receive and process deliveries, keep the stockroom organized, and ensure that the shelves are fully stocked. Organization skills, attention to detail, ability to lift heavy boxes, and willingness to work flexible hours.

In addition to the job requirements above, it is essential for a 13-year-old employee to be reliable and trustworthy. WHSmith is a company that places a high value on providing excellent customer service, and therefore, a reliable and trustworthy employee is crucial.

What age does WHSmith hire UK?

WHSmith hires employees who are at least 16 years old to work in their UK stores. However, some positions may require applicants to be at least 18 years old. To apply for a job at WHSmith, visit their careers website where you can search and apply for available job positions.

Benefits of Working at WHSmith for 13-Year-Olds

Working at WHSmith provides 13-year-olds with several benefits, including:

  • Gaining valuable work experience and learning new skills
  • Working in a professional environment
  • Potential for career progression
  • Opportunity to receive discounts and rewards through the company’s employee benefits program

At WHSmith, employees work in a team-oriented environment, which provides 13-year-olds with an opportunity to collaborate with others and build essential teamwork skills. By working in an established retail chain, employees gain an understanding of how a successful business operates, and they can participate in various aspects of the retail industry, from customer service to stocking merchandise.

Additionally, 13-year-olds who work at WHSmith can develop their customer service skills by interacting with customers and handling various tasks such as assisting with online purchases, locating products, and answering questions. They can learn to manage their time more effectively and to take on responsibilities such as opening and closing procedures, cash handling, and store upkeep.

Overall, WHSmith offers a fantastic opportunity for 13-year-olds to earn money, gain valuable work experience, learn new skills, and progress in their careers.

What skills and knowledge do you gain from work experience?

Work experience can provide a lot of benefits for personal and professional development. Here are some skills and knowledge that can be gained from work experience:

  • Industry-specific knowledge and experience
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Leadership and management skills
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Time management and organization
  • Teamwork and collaboration

Moreover, work experience can help you in building your network while exploring career paths and matching your skills with various job openings. Consider browsing job websites like Indeed or LinkedIn to find a suitable job prospect.

In conclusion, work experience can provide a wealth of knowledge, skills, and networking opportunities.

Tips for 13-Year-Olds Applying for Jobs at WHSmith

If you are a 13-year-old interested in applying for a job at WHSmith, there are a few essential things to keep in mind. Here are some tips to make your job application process smoother:

  • Create a Strong Resume and Cover Letter: Your resume should highlight your relevant skills and experiences. Be sure to tailor it to the position you’re applying for and to include any extracurricular activities relevant to the job.
  • Dress Appropriately for an Interview: It’s essential to dress appropriately for an interview and to make a good impression. Dress business-casual to show that you take the interview seriously and that you’re willing to represent the company professionally.
  • Demonstrate a Positive Attitude and Eagerness to Work: Employers appreciate employees who are enthusiastic about the job, willing to learn, and who display a positive attitude. Let your potential employer know about your eagerness to work and how you think you can be an Asset to the Company.

Remember that applying for a job is an opportunity to showcase your strengths and to learn from your weaknesses. Even if you don’t get a job offer, take the experience as a learning opportunity, and continue to build your skills and experience so that you can be better prepared for the next job opportunity. Good luck!

Why do you want to work in WHSmith answer?

As a professional writer, I am drawn to WHSmith’s commitment to providing informative and engaging content to its customers. I admire how the company embraces a diverse range of interests and hobbies, offering a variety of books, stationery, and gift items.

I believe that by working for WHSmith, I can use my skills to create content that is both factually accurate and compelling. I also appreciate the opportunity to interact with customers and help them find the products that best suit their needs and interests.

From their website, I can see that WHSmith values their employees and provides resources that will allow me to grow in my role. I am excited about the possibility of joining such a reputable and respected company.

In summary, I want to work for WHSmith because of their dedication to quality content and customer service, as well as the potential for personal and professional growth within the company.


In conclusion, WHSmith is an excellent option for 13-year-olds looking for part-time work and valuable work experience. As a reputable company with a focus on customer service and community involvement, WHSmith provides a supportive and rewarding work environment for young people. By taking the time to understand the different positions available, the application process, and tips for success, 13-year-olds can increase their chances of getting a job at WHSmith. Remember that work experience provides a strong foundation for future career success, and WHSmith is an excellent place to start. So, if you’re interested in working at WHSmith, don’t hesitate to apply!

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