Important of Telemarketing jobs

Telemarketing jobs near me  is a provided by many companies, institutions or organization to receive phone, answer customer questions and means capable of bridging the enterprise, institution or organization with its customers on a variety of information available and needed by customers as well as the company’s efforts to get closer to customers provides a means of interaction are available at any time.

Task of Telemarketing 

Telemarketing is a division of the company that provides telephone services either free or paid for consumer/ customer / client or distributor. The services are provided in the form of product information, service requests and complaints from consumer / customers / clients or distributors regarding the product or service to other customers. What exactly is the job of a telemarketing ? Perhaps this question never crossed the mind. To answer any telemarketing  tasks, then this article will try to explain it.

The best answer of what is a call center is a Service Application Crashes, Complaints and Customer Information Service integrated in order to achieve customer satisfaction. It is the key to get success in the company in terms of improving service to customers. In general, the duties and functions of the Call Center can be divided into several important parts, which are as follows:

1. Agent/Operator

Receive a call with the greeting: “Good morning / afternoon / evening / night, Call Center …. (name of company) with ……… (name of operator) Can help you? “And provide information services (Info Company Products, Services Demand Complaints and Services) by telephone and computer to all customers who contact the company’s call center telephone access.

2. Supervisor Agent

Validate input data from agents and evaluate the daily performance of the call center agent Company.

3. Customer Service Officer in the Company

Customer Service is the officer who is in a company that receives requests / complaints from customers who come directly to the office of a company.

Call Center Division

· Call Center Outbound / Telemarketing

Part of the Division of Call Center that system operations is by contacting customers/ customers/ prospective customers with a variety of reasons like product offers, surveys, data validation, etc.

· Virtual call center

Formed using a number of centers smaller spread in several diverse locations as well as connected to each other. There are known two kinds of method that are used to route traffic in the call center, which is the pre-and post-delivery. Pre-delivery is the use of an external switch to link calls to the center while post-delivery is used to call center to link calls that they receive to other call centers.

· Inbound Call Center

Part of the Division of telemarketing , the operational system is to receive calls from clients/ customers/ prospective customers with a wide variety of reasons such as asking for product info, requests and complaints.

·Contact center 

It allows interaction with the customers through various media examples of telephone, e – mail as well as net chat.

·Temporary agent

A Temporary agent is called when there is increased demand faster than planning.

· Blended center 

It is for combining ACD (automatic call distribution) which are incoming calls with predictive outbound calls.

·Remote agent

It is an alternative to laying off all the agents in a central facility using remote agents. So that each agent can work from home and use internet technology to connect.

The importance of knowing the division of a call center is to answer the question of what telemarketing  is.

Telemarketing  Working Principles? Call Centre has several principles below when they are working:

1. The achievement of Service Level

2. Achieving Customer Satisfaction

3. The achievement of certain desired targets of company

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